Scotty's Pub

Best Damn Dive Bar in Texas

Weekly Specials

Dive Bar (di´ve bar) – Colloquial American term for a neighborhood bar where local residents gather to drink and socialize. Basically, a laid-back bar, with no pretense. The term is said to have come from the fact that these establishments were originally housed in cellars or basements, so frequenters could ‘dive’ in without observation.
At Scotty’s Pub, we have maintained this tradition by remaining true to our roots; from our giant Maker’s Mark bottle (complete with a sweater during Christmas) to our Christopher Walk-in cooler. The only pretense you will find is the pride our chef-owners have taken in the food menu. We dare you to find Pub food, especially our burger, better anywhere else on the planet!
Yes, we are still one of the few places in Houston that you can smoke indoors, talk politics or religion without getting your face slapped off, and where service and sarcasm are a very welcome change from the phoniness in the rest of the world. Settle in, have a drink or three, a bite of food, play some pool, or darts, or Golden Tee, and most importantly, RELAX!
Thanks, in advance, Scotty and the team!


The Vittles

The Sampler

2 chicken tenders, 2 sober sticks, 2 scottish eggs and an order of disco fries.

Tatertachos close up


Tater tots smothered in pork, tomatoes, red & green onions, bacon, queso and jalapeno ranch.

Dirty Fries

Tater tots covered in pork, tomatoes, red & green onions, bacon, queso and jalapeno ranch.


Disco Fries

Pulled Pork tossed with poblano, jalapeno and hatch peppers with bacon and cheddar cheese and fried. Served w jalapeno ranch.

Chicken Tenders

Capt. Crunch breaded chicken tenders w Forty Creek whiskey sauce and fries.

Sober Sticks

Local made spicy pork tamales breaded and deep fried. Served with queso.

The Burger

ground cow, with all the usual suspects, awesome sauce and mayo on a jalapeno cheddar sourdough bun and fries on the side.

The Pig

The Pig

Oven roasted pulled pork with bbq sauce, melty cheese, onions and pickles on Kaiser. Bacon!!! Why the hell not?

Pork Nachos

A mound of chips totally covered in bbq pork, queso, cheese, onion, tomato, jalapeno and sour cream.

Greatest Sandwich in the World Close up

The Greatest Samich in the World

Buttery Texas toast,2 runny fried eggs, bacon, lettuce, tomato and awesome sauce w/fries.

Duck Wings

Duck drumettes tossed in honey sriracha soy sauce and served with jalapeno ranch


A baked sweet potato stuffed with butter, cheese, bacon, sour cream, chives and bbq pork.

Grown up Grilled Cheese

Texas toast, bacon, murican, gruyere, brie, apple, and apricot preserves w fries.


Jerky Bird

Caribbean grilled chicken, bacon, LTO pepperjack, pineapple jam & jalapeno ranch w/fries.


(3) Shrimp-beer batter fried shrimp, pineapple preserves, pico and awesome sauce

(3) Chicken- grilled, jack cheese, caramelized onion, cilantro and bbq sauce.

(3) Pork belly- brown sugar cured, onions, cilantro and awesome sauce



Elbows tossed in American, cheddar, jack, brie and gruyere with cheese cracker topping

Bacon & Truffle- Elbows tossed with cheese, bacon and decadent truffle oil.

Pulled pork & Jalapeno- pork, diced jalapenos and pepperjack tossed in our mac n cheese

Balls to the Wall

Fried spicy italian snausage, cheddar, onion and sauerkraut. Served w French onion dip

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

Pulled Pork tossed with poblano, jalapeno and hatch peppers with bacon and cheddar cheese and fried. Served w jalapeno ranch. 6


Bloody mary short

Bloody Mary

Pepper infused Starlite Vodka, spicy bloody mary mix, bacon salt, house-made celery bitters, and spicy pickled green bean. Hangover unnecessary.

Pimms close

Pimm's Cup

Hundreds of versions, here’s ours. Pimm’s no 1, lemon, simple syrup, ginger ale, cucumber.


Draft Beer

We are constantly trying and loving new beer so we decided to change it up. There are so many good local Texas breweries popping up everywhere and being the beer lovers that we are, we want you to try them as well. Please ask a bartender for a sample and for help if you need it!


Bottled Beer

Budweiser, Bud Lt, Bud Lime, Bud Select, Michelob Ultra. Buckler n/a, Corona, Landshark, Miller Lite, Heineken, Dos XX, Smirnoff Ice , Red Stripe, Shiner, Lonestar, Pabst, Coors Lt, Fireman 4, Blonde Bombshell, Rodeo Clown, Blue Moon Smith Forge Cider and Anchor steam

Mix'em Up

Snakebite: Guinness and Cider
Flammin' Beaver: Cider and Fireball Whiskey
Irish car bomb: Guinness, Jameson’s, Baileys
Cookies and cream: Guinness, 3 Olives Cake, Baileys

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