2nd Annual Karaoke Competition

Scotty's and Mama Cass present our 2nd annual Karaoke Competition! Round 1 begins Mon., Oct 26 with the finals on Mon., Dec 21. There is $900 in cash & prizes at stake! AND, if you aren't a finalist this week, you can try again next week!! Bring all your friends as Audience popularity makes a Huge impact in voting! We've got $4.00 You-Call-Its to lube up your pipes and to help bolster self-confidence. One finalist every week moves onto the finals

But Wait, There Even More Shenanagans!

You know that we change clocks back this Sunday morning at 2am. Saints be praised, that means we magically move back to 1:00am and the partyin', drinkin' and actin up starts back up again! A party is the only way to tolerate 1 extra hour of 2020!!!